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Wedos Excursion

By: Jan Palma

The "great" train ride

Well TLDR: It was a wild ride.

Right from the start I was joining the group at Pilzen and I didn't know where we are going so I didn't got the tickets. When we got to the train I needed to pay for the tickets my self + penalty (For buying the tickets on train) and the similar thing happend to Štefan, Jára and Kristy but they bought the wrong ticket so they at least didn't got the penalty. After we got to the last train station we needed to get on Bus to our final destination Wedos DC[^1] 1. When we got to the Bus station we noticed that it wasn't just a ordinary Bus station but a whole shop center!

Classic Servers (Datacenter 1)

The first stop was DC 1. This was just a classic air cooled server something like your PC where you got big fans cooling the internal componens, but server cooling is much more complex and loud. It needs to be able to cool the server at any condition (Power outage, cool weather or hot weather). The cool part about Wedos custom cool unit is that it actually heats the top floor of the building where the offices are.

Next we got to the actual server room where all the server boxes are located and it was LOUD! I planed to show you a video but it was so loud that the audio is unrecognizable. So you only get the image of one HP Enterprise server.

Now the only thing left was the Power and this whole server needs around 300kW to run. And you need to supply this even when there is a power outage so they have a big backup generators and UPS and for some seance of scale: this server needs so much power that the UPS backup (like 5 giant batteries) can only last 10minutes after it activates and in that time you need to start the backup power generators (They should start in 1minute after the UPS activates)

Oil Servers? (Datacenter 2)

Next stop was DC 2 that is lot more complex than the first one. It's using oil and water to cool the servers. And instead of connecting every heat producing component to heat pipe or something like that they dip the servers in oil baths.

DC 2 cooling is also connected to Wedos offices throughout water pipes.

Also DC 2 security is much more strict to the point where they are required to scan a finger to access the server room.

and that's basically it. I skipped some stuff so if you want you can contact me on any social media you want. (I mainly reply on Discord and Mastodon)

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